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Copy my Buy&Hold crypto portfolio that could easily 3x to 10x your money in the next years!

Late in 2022 or early 2023 most people will probably write off Bitcoin and the crypto market.

The mainstream media will say that Bitcoin is dead.

There will be no more media hype. No Google searches. No get rich quick fanatics boasting on social media.

And then, all of a sudden the new bull market will begin. And investors who had the courage to invest when nobody else wanted to invest will make a fortune.

Again. Just like after the 2018 crash.

Robert Rolih

Amazing potential gains for people who invest in the crypto winter.

But the important thing is that you need to jump in the crypto-wagon BEFORE Bitcoin & co are again in the daily news and BEFORE the crowds and the amateurs gather enough courage to start investing again. 

Currently we have a situation where the prices of crypto assets are very low and this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for smart investors. 

That is why I prepared a program that will give you all the info on how to create a powerful portfolio that could produce amazing returns in the future.  

The selection of coins and tokens in this course includes all the coins that I personally invest in, including some handpicked smaller coins that could produce huge gains in the future.

When investing in the crypto market you need to be very careful as most coins and tokens available today will probably go to zero sometime in the future. There are also a lot of scams in this market.

That is why I spent hundreds of hours analyzing different projects to create a selection of great projects that can offer high potential rewards but come with a relatively low risk

Here's What You Get

Crypto Power Portfolio

Crypto Power Portfolio program will give you a clear answer to the question: "Which crypto assets should I buy and how should I allocate my investments?", "How and where to buy crypto assets", and all the other details.

The course is suitable for investors, who would like to invest at least €5,000 in crypto assets.

In the course you will get the exact allocation percentages for each coin or token. That means that you will know exactly which crypto assets to buy, what percentage of your investment to allocate to each crypto assets, and how & where to buy them.

LIVE online workshop contents:

Part 1: The BIG picture of investing in the crypto market

Part 2: Three investing strategies. Two passive investing and one active trading strategy (that you want to avoid at all cost). This course is NOT for people who would like to actively trade the crypto markets! It is only for smart investors who value their time, would like to invest for medium to long-term and don't want to miss the huge opportunity that the crypto market offers. 

Part 3: Crypto Power Portfolio introduction: the basic logic of my Power Portfolio and why it will probably outperform most other portfolios.

Part 4: The 9 building blocks of your Power Portfolio (3 cryptocurrencies, 4 infrastructure projects and 2 financial platforms that will represent 70% of your portfolio).

Part 5: Aggressive part of the Power Portfolio (20 smaller and coins/tokens with amazing profit potential. I spent app. 200 hours to select these coins. They will represent 30% of your portfolio).

Part 6: 1000/50 strategy - how to drastically increase your returns?

Part 7: Your exit strategy: a powerful exit strategy that will enable you to get the most out of this bull run.

Part 8: Step-by-step guide on how to buy crypto assets and how to safely store them. You will also learn how to buy the crypto assets, how to safely store them. I will share my screen and walk you through ALL the details.

You will also get:

Video guides (opening accounts, safety, ...), so you can start right away.

Regular video and email updates, support group with 1000+ members and 10x opportunity updates (value €497/y)

You will never be alone - you will get a support group membership and regular updates about new 10x opportunities, exit strategy and other important developments.

IMPORTANT: Crypto assets are still a speculative investment. Invest only money you can afford to lose! 

Your investment: €1,997

As of 2022, I only offer Crypto Power Portfolio to my existing MMMM members.


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Member results (all the members have very similar results as they are following the same strategy and they invested in the same selection)

Please mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Please mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Robert Rolih

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International Bestselling Author, European Public Speaker of the Year. Robert’s mission is to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing. 

Robert Rolih grew up in a poor backwater village in a small country, became a successful entrepreneur (cooperating with people like Chet Holmes and Brian Tracy) and then lost most of his money because he trusted financial advisers and financial “gurus.” That inspired him to invest seven years of his life to research what is going on behind the scenes of the financial industry.

Today Robert’s goal is to give you the right investing education and help you avoid the costly mistakes that most investors make. His live and online training programs have saved millions of dollars for more than 40,000 clients all around the world. Robert Rolih lives in a scenic village with his wife and two sons.