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International Bestselling Author Robert Rolih Presents

How to Supercharge Your Investment Returns

Two passive investment strategies I use to make my money grow: 1. Safe long-term strategy that outperforms 95% of long-term investors 2. Aggressive short-term artificial intelligence strategy with 191.7% return in the last year

Stockholm, 12th of September 2019

If you are investing or thinking about investing, this seminar could prove to be the most important event of your life.

It will break all your assumptions and beliefs about investing. 

It will give you "behind the scenes" info about the financial industry and the sneaky ways financial advisors use to legally steal your hard-earned money.

And most importantly it will show you how I outperform most investors using two unique passive strategies.

You will find this seminar super valuable if you are a busy professional or business owner who would like to retire rich and you don't want to spend more than a couple of hours per year for investing.

Robert Rolih

Endorsements from Industry Leaders

"If you are sick and tired of miserable returns and if you are aware that the financial industry is not your friend, you need to learn what Robert is teaching!"

“Wow! You probably knew that the financial industry is not your friend. But you probably never imagined just how much money you are losing when investing because of it. Robert Rolih will give you a surprisingly simple solution that will help you to win the money game of life.” 

Brian Tracy, International bestselling author and speaker 

“I thought I knew almost all there is to know about investing. But I put my emotions aside and learned from Robert’s expertise. When Robert showed me the true cost of fees and the opportunity cost of my time over a long period, I was stunned! I took immediate action to bring my investments in line with Robert’s recommendations.” 

Ralph Brogden, Best-Selling Author, 

Ralph Brogden
Robert G. Allen

“Imagine that you didn’t know how to drive a car yesterday, and today you’re able to compete in the Daytona 500 with the pros. That’s the result Robert's seminar allows you to achieve!”  

Robert G. Allen, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Stop giving away your hard-earned money to the financial industry! This is a must attend for busy professionals. You're going to love it, it's simply amazing!” 

Jesse Eker, Managing Director, Harv Eker International

T Harv Eker

Invest Like the Top 1% - Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Costly investing pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • How people (even very experienced investors) lose most of their future returns and in many cases even the money they have invested? 
  • Why do most financial advisers, gurus and other “experts” work hard to help you make wrong investment decisions
  • What are the worst possible financial products - the products that are only good for the financial industry and financial advisers? It will surprise you that almost all of the most popular products fall into this category.

2. Long-term strategy for financial safety and retirement

  • Safe long-term strategy that can outperform 95% of long-term investors.
  • Outperformed even Warren Buffets investment returns in the last decades.
  • Use it for long-term growth of your capital.
  • Totally passive, buy and forget strategy.
  • Avoids high fees that the financial industry is usually charging for long term investing products. 

3. Artificial Intelligence trading: where 100%+ returns become a reality

  • Aggressive revolutionary short-term artificial intelligence trading strategy for aggressive returns.
  • Totally passive - artificial intelligence system is doing the trading for you.
  • Last year's results: 191.7% return on investment (€5,000 investment grew to €14,585) with the best month +53.4% and the worst month -9.7% (10 out of 12 months had positive returns).
  • One of a kind system that adapts to market conditions and uses multiple uncorrelated strategies at the same time to minimize risk.
  • Money is on YOUR broker account. You have total control over your money, and you can withdraw it anytime you like. No limitations, no small print. Again, you are not giving the investment money to somebody else to manage. It's on your account and our AI system just copies all the trades to it.

This event is 4 hours of jam-packed content-rich seminar full of unique content that you can use straight away. And the best of all: Robert will explain things in a plain language anybody can understand. So, even if you don’t have a clue about personal finance and investing, this seminar will make sense to you. 

Robert's personal guarantee: NOBODY teaches similar content. Period. 

"Investing is SIMPLE. It's the financial industry that works hard to make it COMPLEX!"

(this Robert's quote appeared in "20 brilliant quotes from the world’s greatest investors" on Yahoo Finance!)

See what other participants of Robert's seminar are saying

"Roberts seminarium fick mig att förstå hur grundlurad jag har blivit av banker och försäkringsbolag som jag trodde jag kunde lita på."  

– Anna Langer, Stockholm, Sweden

"Jag vill bli kvitt av alla mina lån och vill fortsätta leva så. Min lön räcker precis för mitt livs dagliga behov. Jag har tänkt hur eller vad jag ska göra för att få mera inkomster. Jag gick på alla möjliga grattis föreläsningar men fastnade på Roberts. Jag fick ett ’aha-upplevelse’! Hans strategi täcker bredd som jag tycker är viktigt när man ska vara försiktigt med sina egna pengar."  

– Stefan Matsson, Stockholm, Sweden

"Robert har med sin gedigna kunskap verkligen öppnat ögonen på mig för hur den finansiella marknaden fungerar men främst, hur man kan bli en stor vinnare utan år av lärdomar och misstag. Jag rekommenderar verkligen hans kurs för en smidig och enkel resa till goda investeringar, med hög avkastning."  

– Catherine Hirota Permats, Stockholm, Sweden

"Om du letar efter eller söker pålitlig vägledare för att bygga din ekonomiska framtid, då har du hittat rätt person. Jag har läst olika böcker som handlar om ekonomi och tillgångar men jag har inte fått specifik vägen ut för att förbättra min ekonomiska situation. Robert Rolih vittnar om mörka sidor av present ’Investment Field’ och introducerar görbara och specifika lösningar. Enkelt, tydlig, pålitlig, absolut faktor att följa för att uppnå din finansiella framtid."  

– Nancy Ferolin, Stockholm, Sweden

"It was really amazing. I have learned so much about investing and almost everything was completely new to me. I was especially surprised about the part of the seminar where Robert talks about the fees that the financial industry charges."

- Torsten Buder, Germany,

"This was the first seminar and the first trainer who showed us in the most concrete way what to do - how to get great returns when investing. This seminar gave me way more value than any other seminar I attended to date."

- Florin Plesca, business owner, Icelandia – pure ice

"Brilliant seminar! I have put you alongside Steve Jobs with your innovative creative thinking and taking massive action. Thank You!"

- Sheena Walker, Edinburgh, Scotland, Performance Management coach,

"Previously I trusted my personal banker and financial advisers and invested in the products that they recommended. Thanks to your extraordinary seminar I learned about high hidden fees that are being deducted from my investments all the time, resulting in much lower returns. This was completely new to me. Impressive from the beginning to the end! Thank you!"

- Mario Zenaty, Business advisor, Vienna, Austria 

"Robert's seminar gave me a unique insight into how to profitably invest with extremely low fees. I would recommend this to anyone, because Robert gives you "behind the scenes" information about investing and the financial industry."  

– Damir Lux, Zagreb, Croatia

"Amazing content. At last a seminar on investing that I could understand and with practical advice you can follow right away. I have been to a lot of financial seminars all over the world but this one is the only one that tells all the details that the financial industry tries to hide."

– Blaz Kos, Author of the Agile Lean Life: data-driven personal development blog

"Before the seminar I thought that this will be another boring lecture on finance. But the way Robert delivered it was very funny and very easy to understand. I'm not good with my finances so I need something broken down simply and easily. And Robert did that. It was a great seminar!"  

– Meenal Savani, NOW Health Coaching, London

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As a part of our "Sweden, Take Control of Your Wealth" initiative, we are giving away 100 FREE tickets + you will get a FREE copy of Robert's bestselling book The Million Dollar Decision (audio version of the book). Grab your seat while they last! Two dates available:

12th of September 2019 9:00 to 13:30 12th of September 2019 17:30 to 22:00

Seminar will be in English language. Location: Elite Hotel Carolina Tower, Stockholm (next to Karolinska Institutet) 

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Who Should Attend This Event?

This event is a must-attend if:

  • You would like to live a life without financial worries and retire wealthy.
  • You know that you need to invest but you are scared to do it because it seems so complicated and you don’t know where to start, which products to use and who to trust in the financial jungle out there. 
  • You are already investing with the help of financial advisers, brokers and bankers (newsflash: you are losing a ton of money without even being aware of it).
  • You are working hard and not seeing your family, but it doesn’t show in your bank account, so you still can’t afford your dream car, house or vacation. 
  • If you want to reach your financial goals faster.  

Important: this seminar is NOT about active investing or trading. It’s about two unique passive investing strategies that outperform all forms of active investing practically all the time.  

It’s a seminar for everyday people and business owners who would like to retire rich, hate the fact that their money is being legally stolen and don’t want to spend more than a couple of hours per year for investing.

A personal message from Robert Rolih

"Why do I run these seminars? I lost a lot of money because I trusted my financial advisors and investing "gurus". It nearly broke me. It nearly cost me my family. And my health.

And it's not just me. Every day I see that millions of hard-working people from all around the world are led to the financial slaughterhouse - without even being aware of it.

Too many investors think that their money works for them, but in reality, it only works for the financial industry. And when they find that out, it's usually too late.

This has to stop. And this seminar is my contribution to that cause."

Robert Rolih

About Robert Rolih

Robert Rolih is the international bestselling author of The Million Dollar Decision and European Public Speaker of the Year 2015. 

Robert Rolih grew up in a poor backwater village in a country with a population of only 2 million, became a successful entrepreneur (cooperating with people like Brian Tracy) and then lost most of his money because he trusted financial advisers and financial “gurus.” That inspired him to invest seven years of his life to research what is going on behind the scenes of the financial industry. Today Robert’s mission is to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing and help you avoid costly mistakes that most investors make. 

His live and online training programs have saved millions of dollars for more than 40,000 clients all around the world. Robert was featured in more than 50 newspapers and TV stations and had the honor of sharing the stage with people such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Robert G. Allen, Ryan Deiss, Kevin Green, Andy Harrington, and many others. His international bestselling book was translated into several languages, including Chinese Mandarin. 

Seats Fill Up Fast, Register Now!

As a part of our "Sweden, Take Control of Your Wealth" initiative, we are giving away 100 FREE tickets + you will get a FREE copy of Robert's bestselling book The Million Dollar Decision (audio version of the book). Grab your seat while they last! Two dates available:

12th of September 2019 9:00 to 13:30 12th of September 2019 17:30 to 22:00

Seminar will be in English language. 

Location: Elite Hotel Carolina Tower, Stockholm (next to Karolinska Institutet) 

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